Standard SIM Only

Choose a SIM Only plan from 3 with inclusive broadband, calls and text allowances for your mobile, and get a better deal because you don’t have to cover the cost of a new phone.

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Standard SIM Only

What is Standard SIM Only?

Standard SIM Only is a mobile contract built into a single SIM card, with no phone deal attached and the option of a long-term or short-term agreement. It is a popular choice because it combines the benefit of pre-set usage allowances with the freedom of low-commitment, and the affordability of a phone-free deal.
When you get a pay monthly contract with a new phone, you will pay a reduced cost for the handset, or get it free. This is a great incentive, but it pushes your monthly cost up because you essentially pay off the phone over a length of time. Some people also just want to keep their old mobile, and have no desire to get a new one with their new contract.

SIM Only from 3 could be 1 month rolling, or 12 months fixed, and you choose your SIM Only plan based on the kind of inclusive benefits you want.

SIM Only Broadband

Some SIM Only customers are happy to pay the standard rates for calls and texts, and they only want inclusive internet. If this is the case for you then you can take a SIM Only Broadband deal from 3, which would give you a set limit for data download. This can be a short-term commitment, at a low cost, and you might get 1GB or 10GB of data, so you have the choice to go with little or a lot.

Free calls and texts would not be included in a broadband-only SIM deal, so the standard or specified rates would apply.

SIM Only Pay As You Go

With SIM Only Pay As You Go from 3, you get a SIM card with a preloaded 3 Add-on. There is no phone to pay off, no contract and no set monthly cost. You can keep your old phone or buy a new one outright, and the Pay As You Go SIM will come with some allowances which last for one month.

3 Add-ons activate allowances on your mobile, and they are paid for using your phone’s credit. You go to your My3 account and select one, but with SIM Only Pay As You Go through 3 your first Add-on is already activated.

SIM Only 1 month

A SIM Only deal for 1 month is low-commitment, low-cost and can include allowances which suit your needs. You won’t get the generous allowances that come with a longer agreement, but you are only tied into the deal for 1 month, and the agreement rolls on month after month until you give a month’s notice.

SIM Only 12 month

3’s SIM Only deals on a 12 month contract are proving particularly popular, because they keep the cost down whilst offering generous allowances for calls, texts and data download. You don’t pay off a new phone, so it takes a lot off the monthly price, and you are free to keep your old phone or buy a new outright.
There are different plans available; your SIM Only deal could include All-you-can-eat-data, which is unlimited internet and ideal for lots of web browsing, or you might want to choose something which is built around inclusive calls and texts instead.

SIM Only All-you-can-eat-data

All-you-can-eat data is simply unlimited internet on 3. You will see different tariffs and plans from 3 Mobile offering various benefits, and if All-you-can-eat data is part of the deal then it would be a good option for those heavy downloaders. Remember that every time you browse the web and load a page, your phone is actually downloading that information in order for you to see it.

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