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The Nano-SIM is the latest step in SIM card technology, trimming the size down and proving more efficient than its predecessors. With a 3 Mobile Nano-SIM deal, you can get great value and loads of monthly calls, texts and data included.

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Nano SIM Only


What is a Nano-SIM?

Nano-SIM marks a step forward in mobile phone technology, trimming the size of your SIM card down so that it’s smaller than the standard or Micro-SIM predecessors. SIM stands for ‘subscriber identity module’, and every smartphone needs one of these before you can start making calls, sending texts and using the internet.

All of the information about your deal, as well as your phone number and some data such as contacts, photos and received messages, can be stored on a SIM, so it’s a vital part of your mobile phone.

Benefits of Nano-SIM

The benefit really lies within the efficiency of its size; the original SIM design was roughly equivalent to that of a credit card, and this was reduced significantly to the standard SIM that most would recognise. Once this was trimmed again, it became a Micro-SIM, and was used in iPads, as well as the iPhone 4 and

iPhone 4S

The Nano-SIM is cropped further, and the drop in size gives a manufacturer more freedom and scope with the design and build of a device. The Nano-SIM measures just 12.3 x 8.8mm, and is slimmer than both the standard SIM and Micro-SIM cards.

Nano-SIM and iPhone 5

The Nano-SIM made its UK debut with the highly-anticipated iPhone 5. Apple’s revolutionary device makes use of the SIM innovation, as part of its sleek, slim and impressive design. Phone users can also temporarily convert a Nano-SIM with an adapter, which makes it the correct size for use in other phones which were not built with the technology in mind.

Nano-SIM deals

With a Nano-SIM deal, you get the card alone pre-loaded with calls, texts and data. If you’ve bought your handset outright, then a SIM Only deal is a great way to get the benefits and value of contract, but without the added monthly cost that comes with paying off a new phone over time. There are one month rolling deals and longer-term contracts, so there is plenty of freedom regarding your level of commitment, and with 3 Mobile’s generous allowances you get impressive value for money. 

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