Micro SIM Only

Tiny, tidy and compact – the Micro-SIM is the neat new addition to mobile technology. This mini SIM card slots in easily, makes room for mobile hardware and allows for a sleeker, slimmer phone design.

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Micro SIM Only

What is a Micro SIM?

The well-known SIM card is actually the second incarnation of the technology, with the original SIM measuring about the size of a credit card. Creating a smaller version gave manufacturers more leeway with phone design and hardware, and now the Micro-SIM makes the technology even more compact.
Some new handsets are being designed specifically for the Micro-SIM, so standard SIMs will not fit. The change allows mobile developers to work with more room, and the technology is also proving useful for tablets as well. If you do have a Micro-SIM and want to use it in a standard SIM slot you can purchase an adaptor kit to do so.

Benefits of Micro-SIM

Although it may seem like a standard SIM takes up very little room, in terms of design and manufacture there is space to be saved, and a Micro-SIM reduces the size to effectively create more room. If we still had the credit card-sized SIM, it would be bigger than most of the handsets!
The Micro-SIM still performs the same SIM functions efficiently and effectively, allowing identification for the mobile, and attachment to a specific network. A mobile will not work without the SIM so the technology is a necessity, but bringing the size down also allows leeway with design and hardware implementation.

Micro-SIM 3 deals

Many of the deals from 3 include a Micro-SIM because some handsets are built for this technology. The iPhone 4, for example, only takes a Micro-SIM, whilst other popular handsets still use a standard SIM. You can also purchase an adaptor kit which allows a Micro-SIM to work in standard SIM slot. You could not reverse this and put a standard SIM in a Micro-SIM slot.

You can get a Micro-SIM Only deal from 3, where you buy the Micro-SIM card with preloaded allowances, without the cost of a new phone. There are deals from 3 for both SIM Only and Micro-SIM Only, but you need to make sure it’s the right SIM for your handset before you take the offer.

Micro-SIM mobiles

There are always new handsets being released by the major manufacturers, with new technology and innovations keeping things interesting and appealing to customers. The Micro-SIM is part of these technological advances, and as such you can expect more and more handsets to take advantage of the benefits of a Micro-SIM.

At present, standard SIM cards still dominate the market, but this is likely to change eventually because Micro-SIM gives the manufacturer more room for hardware and more leeway with design.

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