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Stunning designs and smart features have made Samsung smartphones among the leading and most popular choices. Enjoy reliable build, fluid web access, vivid display and smooth user interface.



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Samsung on 3 Mobile

Samsung on 3

Samsung has become a leading smartphone provider, innovating and developing so that users can choose from an ever-increasing and always impressive array of smart, powerful and carefully crafted handsets. Benefits of a Samsung mobile include bright, defined and vivid displays, lightweight feel, unique phone features and solid build quality.

Samsung’s strong list of handsets can be ordered through 3, either as pay monthly or Pay As You Go. No matter which type of agreement you choose, the phone will likely impress, and if you are having trouble deciding which model to go for then the 3 Mobile Shop quick search tools will help you find what you need.

If you do choose pay monthly, there are some great deals from 3 which will give you inclusive calls, texts and data download – everything you need to make the most of your Samsung smartphone’s high quality web and connection capabilities.

Samsung contract on 3

A long-term contract deal with 3 is going to set you up with generous allowances for calls, texts and data, as well as other potential benefits. With a contract you can expect a better deal, because you are committing yourself over a period of time. Your Samsung mobile would be either free or part paid for, as a further incentive to go with the contractual agreement.

The pay monthly deals from 3 are popular because there are different types to choose from, appealing to different kinds of mobile customers. A quick search for Samsung deals with 3 will show all the available options, and you can find out more about the deal, the phone and alternatives from the same manufacturer as well. You can also compare with other manufacturers to see how the offers measure up.

Samsung Pay As You Go

A Pay As You Go deal gives you the freedom to enjoy a smartphone’s benefits, without any kind of contract in place. You can search for contract deals with 3 for a Samsung phone, but if you decide you would rather not be committed, you can look for a Pay As You Go deal at 3 Mobile Shop.

Using 3 to get the deal means you can take advantage of 3 Add-ons; these are activated online with your My3 account, and they set up a one-off monthly allowance on your phone. The calls, texts and data that come with your Add-on help you to get more value from being a Pay As You Go customer. You can always change your mind and get a contract with 3, if you decide that Pay As You Go is not for you.

With Pay As You Go you buy the handset outright, so the Samsung mobile would be yours from the start, commitment-free. Then anything else you spend would be down to your top-ups.

Samsung deals with 3

There are loads of deals and plans for Samsung handsets available with 3. The variety of tariffs gives you the best chance of getting a plan that suits you, and with 3 Mobile Shop you can find out all you need to know. If you have a handset already in mind, you can quickly look for it and find related deals from 3, or if you want to compare Samsung handsets then it’s easy with 3 Mobile Shop’s search tools.

Check out Pay As You Go and pay monthly deals from 3, and compare deals with other handset manufacturers to see what else is on offer.

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