Pay As You Go on 3 Mobile

Only pay for what you use with Pay As You Go on 3. Choose from a smart selection of handsets, top-up when you need to, make calls, send texts, browse the web, and with 3 Add-ons you can get more value for money.




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Pay As You Go on 3 Mobile

If you’re looking for something simple, with no commitment, where you only pay for what you use, then Pay As You Go with 3 might be the right option. You can use the phone as normal, making calls, sending texts and browsing the web, but you have no monthly commitment to pay. You pay for the handset upfront, and then you top-up when you need more credit. 3 also offers Add-ons, with set allowances to give you more from your 3 phone deal.

3 PAYG phones

With 3, you can choose from a wide range of phones, from the top manufacturers, and then you simply pay upfront for the phone, and top-up when it suits you. There is no further commitment to pay for the phone; you pay the outright cost immediately and then the rest is down to you and whenever you want to spend more on your phone allowances.

Phones from Apple, Blackberry, HTC and Samsung, as well as the other leading providers, can be bought upfront, with the latest models on the market available, as well as simpler and older handsets, if you are looking for something basic and low-cost.

3 PAYG deals

You can search 3 Mobile Shop to find the latest deals for Pay As You Go on 3. Look through different handsets from the top manufacturers, and view the upfront cost through 3. There is no contractual agreement between you and 3 or any other provider; the phone is yours and anything else you spend will be entirely up to you. 3 Mobile Shop's simple search tools make it easy for you to find a 3 Pay As You Go deal which includes the phone you really want.

3 Pay As You Go is designed for those looking to keep down the committed cost of their phone, and whilst pay monthly contracts come with impressive allowances, you can get great value for your Pay As You Go as well, thanks to 3 Add-ons.

3 Add-ons

3 offers customers a range of Add-ons, which set up new allowances on a 3 Mobile, each time they are activated. They usually last for one month, and may add inclusive calls, texts or data downloads as part of the mini-package.

Customers visit their My3 account, and can view available Add-ons. The cost of an Add-on is taken from the credit on the phone, so if there is not enough credit then a top-up will be needed.

If you want a Pay As You Go phone with 3, you can search through 3 Mobile Shop for a handset, and follow the link to set up the deal. Once you have got the phone you can start taking advantage of 3 Add-ons.

Other deals from 3

If Pay As You Go is not for you, then you might want to look at pay monthly 3 deals, where you pay a set amount each month for a generous allowance of calls, texts and mobile data, and there may be other benefits included as well. You can search for a pay monthly deal built around a phone you have already decided you want, or use the 3 Mobile Shop search tool to browse a range of different offers suited to your set criteria.

You can also look at 3 SIM Only, where you pay monthly for a deal that is set up on a SIM card, with no new phone included in the offer.

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