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Nokia smartphones are great for social media, and come packed with added extras so you can get more from your mobile. The wide range of models includes some sleek designs and innovative features.



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Nokia on 3 Mobile

Nokia on 3

Nokia has been developing some high quality new smartphones, and is gathering pace in the modern mobile market. The new handsets boast stunning designs, with models for personal or business use, and the functionality has been carefully engineered to provide you with a better experience.

Social media and image capture have been developed so that the handsets provide plenty of appeal for popular mobile activities, and with rival providers advancing and innovating, Nokia has worked to keep pace and offer genuinely impressive handsets.

3 has deals on Nokia smartphones, with different tariffs available for the latest and most popular models. You can search on 3 Mobile Shop for the deals on handsets, and easily view all the essentials to see if a Nokia deal is right for you.

Nokia contract on 3

With a 3 contract on a Nokia mobile, you can enjoy the benefits of a long-term agreement, with all the inclusive allowances that help you get more value from your phone and enjoy its features. Some of the latest Nokia handsets excel with web browsing and downloading, so in order to get the most out of this you might want a deal with loads of data, and you can find one with 3.

Alternatively, you might want to get a Nokia smartphone for its built-in features, but with a more modest contract, and with 3 Mobile Shop you can search for this kind of deal as well. The search tools are able to help you find a contract for a specific manufacturer, like Nokia, and a particular handset, but you can also do a general search, comparing different handsets, tariffs and price plans.

Nokia Pay As You Go

You can take a Nokia mobile without a contract, and simply top-up your phone credit whenever you run out. You buy the handset outright, with the full cost of the mobile paid in full, and then any other costs are down to you and how often you want to top-up. There are plenty of Nokia handsets to choose from, with some great new releases boasting impressive features, so if you just want the phone without the commitment of any long-term deal then you can find offers at 3 Mobile Shop.

You won’t have a contract with 3, but you can have an online account, and purchase 3 Add-ons with your phone credit. These give you a set of inclusive minutes, texts and data for a fixed one-off price each month. If you want use a 3 Add-on then log into your My3 account, find one you like and then activate it. It is a good way to get value from your top-up, and remember you would need enough credit on your mobile to cover the cost of a 3 Add-on.

Nokia deals with 3

The smart features on a Nokia mobile give each model its own appeal, but if you have a model in mind then you can look for it and any attached offers using the search tool at 3 Mobile Shop. You can also search through different providers and compare the offers based on your criteria. The search and compare tools on 3 Mobile Shop are there to make it easy for you to find the right deal, no matter whether you have a certain phone in mind, or you are looking for inspiration.

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