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LG smartphones features advanced software, and let you make the most of impressive web browsing, email and business applications, smooth functionality and specialist extras.



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LG on 3 Mobile

LG on 3

LG is synonymous with benchmark advances in both electronics and telecoms, and with LG smartphones the two are combined to provide a unique, standout handset with stunning features suitable for business and personal use. LG has made a considered and careful approach to the world of smartphones, designing models that bring something interesting, efficient and high quality to the market.

You can search for current LG smartphone deals on 3 Mobile Shop, and see any available contract or pay monthly options from 3 along with the key details of the handset. If you like the phone and the deal you can follow the link to set it up, get the phone and start using the smart mobile features from LG.

LG contract on 3

A contract from 3 on an LG phone can give you inclusive calls, texts and internet usage. LG phones can suit both business and personal customers thanks to the smart, professional features built into the handset, and the tariffs can reflect either type of user. You can search through the call plans from 3 and find one that suits your needs, matching up with the LG phone of your choice.

If you have a particular LG phone in mind, then you can search directly for it with 3 Mobile Shop and see the related deals from 3. The list of results would show the details of the monthly contract, including any inclusive minutes, texts and internet usage.

LG Pay As You Go

3 Mobile Shop lists the deals for different manufacturers with 3, including Pay As You Go on LG. If there are any deals available, you will be able to see them in your search results, and if you like the deal you can follow the link to set it up.

Pay As You Go is beneficial because it takes away the commitment of a long-term contract. Whilst you won’t get the inclusive benefits of a contract, you do have more freedom, and you only spend what you use.

Getting an LG phone on Pay As You Go would mean buying the phone upfront, so the handset is yours from the start and you have no monthly obligation to any provider. If you have Pay As You Go for a while and decide that pay monthly might be better, you can change and set up a contract.

LG deals with 3

3 Mobile Shop is designed to present the deals from 3 easily and quickly, with all the details you need to make the right decision about your new 3 Mobile deal. If you do a quick search and find that a deal with LG sounds good, you can read about the details and follow the link to get the offer. If you have seen an LG mobile you like advertised, then you can search for it and see if there are any 3 deals, or you can do a search based on personal criteria and see the different offers available.

This way you can compare LG mobile deals with other contracts on different handsets. There are loads of great smartphones on the market, so 3 Mobile Shop makes it easier to look through the most suitable phones and get the deal you want.

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