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HTC smartphones combine impressive design with a range of features, and each model boasts something different. Browse web, play music, download and get plenty of extra features.



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HTC on 3 Mobile

HTC on 3

HTC has developed an impressive range of phones, and is now a leading smartphone provider in the UK. Each model has something different, excelling in a certain area of mobile usage. If you want a smartphone that works well for multimedia, or you need something powerful with a great camera, you can find a model from HTC that will suit you.

HTC has worked hard on innovating and keeping up with advances in technology, and this shows with each new phone release. The features get better, and the wide range means that there are plenty of handsets to check out.

3 Mobile Shop includes 3 deals on many of HTC’s most popular and recently released handsets. You can combine an HTC smartphone with a deal from 3 so that you can make the most of its features, and enjoy a tariff with generous inclusive allowances.

HTC contract on 3

As with many high quality smartphones, the web connectivity and browsing functionality on HTC mobiles is advanced and designed for a fluid, fast internet experience. With this, you might want a mobile deal that includes plenty of data download, and 3 offers a range of deals that match up. Even if you are only a casual web browser, and want the HTC for other features, you can still find a pay monthly deal which works well.

Pay monthly deals include the benefits of a long-term agreement, so you get inclusive calls, texts and other features designed to appeal over a long period of time. You might want something free of a contract, so you can also choose Pay As You Go, where you buy the HTC phone upfront and then pay for what you use. However, this would not include the kinds of benefits you get with a long-term contract, such as reduced handset cost and generous allowances

HTC Pay As You Go

If you decide that you want an HTC handset without any contract, then you can find a deal on 3 Mobile Shop for buying the phone outright and upfront. HTC has an extensive list of smartphones, all offering features which make the phone stand out, and you can still find something simple or something advanced with the relaxed convenience of a Pay As You Go agreement.

Pay As You Go is popular because it leaves you with no obligation to pay your network provider any money, unless you want to directly use the phone, in which case you top-up. The top-up gives control over what you spend, whilst still getting the impressive features found on an HTC smartphone.

HTC deals with 3

3 offers deals for various models of smartphone from the leading manufacturers, and HTC is one of the most popular options on the market. You can use 3 Mobile Shop to search through different HTC models, including the latest on the market, and then find a contract deal from 3 which suits your needs. The different deals give you the chance to find something ideal, and the comprehensive information from 3 Mobile Shop tells you everything you need to know about the handset, the deal and the provider.

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