Three Mobile offers best coverage, says OpenSignal

By Steven Hawthorn on 24/11/14

OpenSignal has revealed that Three Mobile offers the best UK mobile coverage, according to a new heatmap.

The organisation, which determines mobile coverage from Android and iOS users via an app, has produced a heatmap displaying hotspots and notspots across the globe. 

Out of some of the UK’s leading operators, Three Mobile came out on top offering 89% reliability and the fastest download speeds with an average of 3.79Mb. 

O2 came in second place with 85% when it came to coverage, but only offered 1.29Mb in download speeds. 

Vodafone was also observed, providing 83.43% reliability and was the second fastest for download speeds with an average of 2.5Mb. 

According to OpenSignal, Three Mobile proved to be the most reliable network for 4G, 3G and 2G individually.

However, it was found EE offered the largest coverage for the latest 4G technology overall.

OpenSignal’s heatmap shows which areas of the UK offers the best coverage, with red areas representing where mobile signals are at their strongest. 

The South East of England, especially in the London area, glows bright red, but parts of Wales, the North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland are highlighted in a light amber shade. 

Source: PC Pro 

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