Mobile operators agree to boost coverage

By Steven Hawthorn on 21/11/14

Mobile customers will soon be able to enjoy better signal after the UK’s leading mobile operators have agreed to boost coverage. 

The providers have announced that they plan to invest millions of pounds into improving some of the country’s ‘notspots’. 

Around 20% of the UK suffers from lack of signal or inadequate coverage where phone calls get dropped half way through a conversation. 

The news of the proposal to improve services comes shortly after the government voiced its pledge to ensure signal is available across the country. 

Secretary of state for culture, media and sport, Sajid Javid said: “Mobile phones are no longer the luxury they once were. 

“Today they are a central part of our modern lives and are widely viewed as an essential service. 

“Consequently, we expect to be able to use our phones no matter where we are in the UK for work or pleasure.”

The ‘national roaming’ project will see customers being connected to an alternative provider if their operator has insufficient signal in the area. 

This is a similar method used when phone calls are made on a UK phone abroad. 

Currently, tourists from Europe are able to connect to any network available when they visit the UK, but residents can only use the network they have a contract with.

The plans have sparked controversy among mobile operators who say they have funded the cost of their masts and feel it is unfair to share them with rivals. 

So far, there have been no reports on when the plans are due to come into effect. 

Source: This is Money 

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