iPhone 6 release date enters the rumour mill

By Steven Hawthorn on 02/09/14

Apple is always trying to keep the next edition of the iPhone secret, but somehow the rumoured iPhone 6 release date has now started its rounds online. 

Although the mobile phone manufacturer has kept all things iPhone 6 behind closed doors, new images and release date have emerged of the supposed new addition to the iPhone family. 

Along with the image came the prediction that the iPhone 6 will be released in the UK September 9. 

Before you get excited, the images may prove false and have not been confirmed by Apple. 

However, the French website that leaked information and image about the iPhone 5s, ahead of its release date, turned out to be true. That same website has also presented images of the said iPhone 6. 

The rumoured release date of Tuesday 9 September has been speculated across the media, including The Independent, with some saying Apple will reveal ‘a major product launch’. 

Steve Hemmerstoffer, Editor of nowhereelse.fr, who leaked the images claims: “most trusted and loyal Chinese sources” passed on the information of the suspected iPhone 6. 

Whenever the iPhone 6 is released or revealed, we are sure that the model will prove just as popular to Apple fans as the older editions. 

If Tuesday 9 September is the day of the reveal, we won’t have very long to wait. 

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