4G mobile speeds halved in a year

By Steven Hawthorn on 13/11/14

New research has revealed that 4G mobile broadband speeds have halved over the last year in the UK. 

The study claims that 4G is slowing down, following its launch in August 2012, as more people sign up to the service. 

Mobile phone operators claimed that the new mobile broadband could deliver up to 10 times faster download speeds that the widely available 3G. 

4G reached an average speed of 10.16Mb in August 2014, which is significantly slower than 19Mbs which was recorded in September 2013.

OpenSignal’s latest State of the Market report, in association with Which?, claimed in the report that the declining speeds were due to the popular uptake of the new technology, causing congestion. 

However, mobile networks are still working on improvements and adding more 4G masts across the country to keep up with the demand. 

Coverage of 4G was found to be best in London, with users having access to 4G over 50% of the time in the capital. 

The South East and West Midlands also had decent 4G mobile broadband coverage when the tests were carried out.

The report also said that Wales was the worst place for coverage, with access to 4G less than 10% of the time.

Which? Executive Director, Richard Lloyd said: “We’ve looked at consumers’ real-life experience and found big differences in service between mobile phone providers, depending on where you live or work.”

Source: Telegraph  

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