3 Mobile Tariffs

3 Mobile deals have tariffs or price plans set up for each offer, providing more options for customers to get a 3 contract that suits their usage and gives them value for money. You might want to pay a higher monthly fee for loads of inclusive texts, calls and web browsing, so you cover most of your usage with one single cost each month. Alternatively, you may want a cheaper contract, and are happy to pay the standard rates for calls, texts and data when you go over your allowances.

Your choice of price plan from 3 will be down to your level of usage, as well as your budget and preferred handset.

3 price plans

There are different price plans available, and the same plan might come at a different cost depending on the phone. When you get a new phone with your contract you are often paying off that phone over the contract term; the latest model might add a bit to your monthly cost, so it depends on how much you really want that phone!

A 3 Mobile pay monthly price plan can include allowances for calls, texts and data download. This means you get a set amount of call time, messaging and web browsing free, and when you go outside of the allowances then you pay a standard rate which would be added to your bill.

The best thing to do with a contract is cover yourself for your expected usage so that standard rates won’t apply too often, although some numbers and destinations could be outside of your allowance anyway, such as premium rate lines.

3 tariff names

The talk and text tariffs from 3 are separated out into Essential Internet and Ultimate Internet plans.

With Essential Internet, you get 250MB data for your web browsing, with 5,000 texts and the choice of 100, 300 or 500 any network minutes every month.

With Ultimate Internet, your plan includes All-you-can-eat data, which is unlimited web browsing from 3. You also get 5,000 texts and the choice of 100, 300, 500 or 1,000 any network minutes.

3 also offers a popular tariff called The One Plan, which has plenty of everything in one monthly contract.

The One Plan

The One Plan from 3 is popular tariff offering huge monthly allowances for calls, texts and web. It is an exclusive tariff for 3 customers, and can be taken with a number of top and mid-range mobiles on the market.

With The One Plan, you get 2,000 minutes to any network, as well as 5,000 texts and 5,000 3-to-3 minutes. This gives you plenty of call time and messages for your month, and for web you get 3’s All-you-can-eat data allowance, which is unlimited data download, so you can download music, visit social networks and watch videos without worrying about a cap on your usage.

All-you-can-eat data

All-you-can-eat data is the name given to unlimited data with 3, and it means that you can browse the web as much as you like without any usage restriction. Other plans will have some kind of cap, like 500MB or 1GB, whereas All-you-can-eat lets you download, watch videos and browse the web, and it won’t count against any preset cap.

All-you-can-eat is combined with various other plans, including The One Plan, and can be taken with a number of different top and mid-range mobiles.

Pay As You Go

If you choose Pay As You Go, then there are no allowances automatically built into your deal. You buy the phone outright, and then any calls, texts or web browsing will be charged at a standard rate for 3 customers.

However, you can purchase 3 Add-ons with your credit by visiting your My3 account online. This will load call time, texts and data download onto your phone for one month, so it’s like getting some of the inclusive benefits of contract, but there’s no phone from 3 to pay off, and no contract. The cost of the Add-on is taken from your available credit, so you must have enough on the phone.

SIM Only

SIM Only tariffs are like contract deals, but without a phone to pay off. They’re popular because they can be cheaper, they offer loads of calls, texts and minutes and there is flexibility with contract length. You could take a SIM Only deal that only lasts for one month rolling, or you could take one that lasts for a year. Longer agreements tend to be more beneficial, with greater allowances, but the flexibility is there so you can make the choice.

Mobile Broadband

With Mobile Broadband from 3, you can take a dongle, MiFi or SIM that comes with preloaded data download, and pay a set fee each month for your usage. The plans vary in terms of how much data is preloaded, as well as the contract length, but there’s lots of choice so it’s easier to find a Mobile Broadband deal that suits you.

You can use the search tools at 3 Mobile Shop to compare deals, handsets and tariffs from 3, which will help you find the best offer quickly and easily.

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