Refurbished mobile phones from Three – All questions answered

This short FAQ gives answers to the most popular queries about Three refurbished mobiles.

What is a refurbished mobile?

A refurbished mobile phone from Three has been returned under the conditions of the Three Return Policy, and may have been previously unpackaged and/or used. Three will take the phone and give it the mobile version of a service, checking that everything is in order and making any necessary repairs.

The mobile is then made available to buy, at a lower cost than the original price.

So it’s not broken or faulty?

Three would not knowingly sell a faulty phone, which is why returned mobiles are checked thoroughly before resale as a refurbished phone.

All refurbished phones from Three come with the standard full 12 month warranty.

Are smartphones included?

Yes. Three sells a wide variety of mobiles, including smartphones, from manufacturers such as Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson, as well as Apple iPhone models. Should any of these be returned for any reason, they could all potentially be resold as a refurbished phone, for lower than the original price.

Is there still a good range of mobiles to choose from?

The range available depends entirely on the selection of phones returned. Three will provide a good range, but the models on offer can vary greatly.

What are the prices like?

This varies, although it will almost certainly be noticeably cheaper than a brand new model. You may also find that the available tariffs differ as well.

So should I choose new or refurbished?

It’s up to you! A lot of people prefer the idea of having a new phone, but the refurbished phone will be in top condition, and available at a lower price. You still get a 12 month warranty, which is basically Three’s way of saying that the phone is as reliable as any brand new mobile sold in a shop or online.

One thing to consider is the fact that a refurbished model of a specific phone that you want may be available, when a brand new model is not. Buying the refurbished model from Three would let you stay with the Three network, or choose a new Three tariff, and you would get the model you like even though it’s sold out. It’s good to research the refurbished models, if only to see whether you can get your ideal phone for a little cheaper.

How do I find the refurbished mobiles from Three?

Look for the pink 'Refurb' stickers on the mobile phone images on our phones page to find refurbished mobile phones available on 3.

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