Unlimited Internet From Three

You often hear about unlimited internet from various mobile phone providers, but you will often find that the term unlimited is not entirely accurate, because you still have to abide by a fair use policy. This basically means that although you have a massive allowance for internet usage (also known as data download), there is still a point where your level of usage is deemed ‘unfair’, and from then on you are charged the standard data download rate. Once the month finishes, the ‘unlimited’ usage starts over.

Three has put together a data download plan which is genuinely unlimited, meaning that there is no fair usage policy. With the term unlimited proving to be a little murky, Three has sidestepped this problem by calling the plan ‘All-you-can-eat data’. It’s more snappy than ‘unlimited internet’, and suggests that this plan is a bit different...

All internet browsing and downloading activity, such getting apps, reading news articles and checking emails and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, will be covered by All-you-can-eat data, and there is no hidden limit or restrictions. You can get this data download allowance on Pay Monthly contract or SIM-only as part of The One Plan, or on Pay As You Go when you buy the right Add-on.

Pay Monthly

Three’s most comprehensive Pay Monthly tariff is called The One Plan, which provides mobile users with thousands of minutes and texts, and one of the main selling points is All-you-can-eat data. The other Pay Monthly tariffs have varied levels of web usage which may suit your needs, but The One Plan is the tariff with genuinely unlimited internet.

Pay As You Go

You can get All-you-can-eat data on Pay As You Go by purchasing a Three Add-on. These convert your top-up into a set of fixed mobile allowances lasting one month. Call 444 from your Three mobile to get the Add-on that includes All-you-can-eat data.


SIM-only has become increasingly popular, as mobile users avoid the added cost of paying off a new phone each month with their contract, and they can keep using their old phone. Three is now offering The One Plan with SIM-only deals, and this includes All-you-can-eat data, so SIM-only customers can get unrestricted internet usage.

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