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Exclusive Three Refurbished Deals

3 Mobile Shop provides updates and information on the latest deals from 3, but you can also find exclusive deals that may not be promoted on the 3 Mobile website. These deals are featured here, and give you the opportunity to browse through some other options for your new handset and contract.

There are exclusive deals on smartphones from different manufacturers, so you’re not limited for choice, and various contract offers are included, giving you a better chance of finding the deal you want.
Pay monthly exclusives

A pay monthly exclusive will be a deal based around a long-term contract, such as 12 or 24 months. These deals tend to have the best allowances for calls, texts and data, because you are committing to 3 for the long-term. Shorter deals can be available, but with pay monthly there are lots of benefits, and you often don’t have to buy the phone handset outright.

3 Mobile Shop exclusive deals can be tied into various phones on the current mobile market, so if you see a handset you like you can click on the image above to see the offers available. You can get all the details on the handset, along with our expert review, user reviews, vital statistics and other non-exclusive offers from 3. There is also a quick link to go through and set up the deal of your choice.

Cheaper offers

Many of the 3 Mobile Shop exclusives may be cheaper than other deals, and this could be due to a specialised contract offer or refurbished phone. Either way, if you like the promoted price and handset it is quick and easy to follow the link and set up the offer.

Deals are refreshed regularly, as we may get hold of more exclusives, new handsets could get released and 3 may build new contract offers. You can keep checking with 3 Mobile Shop for the latest deals and exclusives, and if you want to know more about a phone then click on the image and there will be an expert review, star rating, images and specifications for you to browse.

Refurbished phones

A refurbished phone will have been returned to 3 in line with the returns policy. This phone may have been used or taken out of its packaging, and if returned it can be resold as refurbished, often at a lower price.

3 will never knowingly sell a faulty phone, and the refurbished models are put through stringent checks and tests before being placed back on the market. As the phone has been bought previously, the price can be reduced, and this may give you a much better deal on a handset you like. The refurbished models can form part of the 3 exclusives available with 3 Mobile Shop, and this is indicated when you check the offer.

Latest handsets

The latest handsets on the market can be included with the exclusive deals at 3 Mobile Shop, and with a pay monthly deal you could find that the phone is cheaper because you don’t pay off the handset upfront, or the model is refurbished.

There are plenty of 3 exclusive deals here at 3 Mobile Shop, and the deals are often refreshed so keep checking!

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