Broadband SIM Only

With a 3 Micro-SIM deal for your iPad, you can get plenty of inclusive data without a long-term contract. Slot the Micro-SIM into your tablet, and browse the web fast with the 3G network.

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Broadband SIM Only

What is iPad Micro-SIM?

A Micro-SIM deal for iPad from 3 lets you enjoy the benefits of 3 Mobile Broadband with the revolutionary tablet fro Apple. A Micro-SIM can be inserted into the iPad which will enable Mobile Broadband, connecting your iPad to the UK’s biggest 3G network. 3 deals offer great value, so you get more data for your money than many other networks. You can still make use of Wi-Fi as well, and it won’t affect you data allowance on your Micro-SIM.

With a Micro-SIM Only deal from 3, you can enjoy the freedom of a short-term contract, generous data allowances, value for money and fast, effective internet, all as part of your mesmerising iPad experience.

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is a revolutionary piece of kit packed with stunning features and apps, offering users a fast, fun and effective way to view photos, videos, email and web on the go.

The iPad has taken the concept of the tablet computer to a new level; the large Multi-Touch screen provides an effortless, breezy experience for the user, whilst the breathtaking capabilities of the iPad itself render this latest technology yet another unequalled achievement from electronics and software giant Apple.

Alternative 3 Mobile Broadband

MiFi is a smart technology giving you a portable WiFi hotspot, so that you can connect to the internet on the go with 3G. You can also connect up to five devices at the same time, all using the 3G network for web access.

You can also get a dongle for internet access on laptops or PCs, but not the iPad; it comes preloaded with a data download allowance just like the Micro-SIM. A dongle from 3 is sleek in design, discreet and easy to use, and you can connect almost anywhere because it uses the 3G network. There are different deals available from 3, and you can look at different contract terms as well.

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