USB Dongle

With a Mobile Broadband dongle from 3, you can get fast 3G web access on the go. Plug the dongle into your laptop, and use the inclusive data to browse the web and download whenever you like.

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USB Dongle

What is a dongle?

Mobile Broadband USB sticks, also known as dongles, allow fast and effective internet access on the go. The light and practical devices are specifically designed for portability, so that your Mobile Broadband is readily available without being an inconvenience to activate. There is no need to search for a strong Wi-Fi connection; simply plug the device into your laptop and start surfing.

Inclusive data

As is often the case with modern technology, you will find an enormous array of different USB devices on the market, and the choice simply depends on your needs. With 3, you get a selection that caters for everyone from the casual web user to the download fanatic. If you will be using your Mobile Broadband heavily, you should be looking for a dongle with a higher GB limit, but remember that your preferred data allowance will affect the cost of the Mobile Broadband plan. The minimum length of contract also depends on your choice of Mobile Broadband access and download limit.

Broadband speed

With the USB sticks, you can enjoy mobile internet access at broadband speed, and the added bonus of web usage without wires. Many 3 customers want fast web access on the go; the USB stick is an ideal accessory, and a great way to make it easier to enjoy quick internet on your travels.

The dongle is not restricted to laptop usage; you can plug it into your home PC and enjoy broadband without any landline fees.

3 aims to offer you a good value deal, with quality service, and hardware that is both sleek in design and reliable. That is why the USB stick remains a popular choice with customers looking for Mobile Broadband access.

Alternative Mobile Broadband

If you are looking for other options, you can also get MiFi from 3. This smart, sleek device works as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot; you can carry it around with you like a dongle, and it comes preloaded with data from 3. There are different deals to choose from, and a major benefit of MiFi is that up to five laptops or computers can be plugged into it at the same time.

You could also go for a SIM Only Mobile Broadband deal, which is ideal for a tablet like the iPad. It offers inclusive data, and you can take a short-term deal so you are not committed long-term.


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