3 Mobile Broadband

Get internet on the go with Mobile Broadband from 3, and use the provider's network for fast browsing. Plug in a 3 Mobile Broadband dongle or use MiFi as your portable WiFi hotspot, and get inclusive data with your deal.

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USB Dongle

Micro SIM Only

Plug the smart, lightweight 3 dongle into your laptop and get fast 3G web access on the go.

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MiFi from 3 gives you your own portable Wi-Fi hotspot, so you can access 3G web at any time.

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SIM Only

Standard SIM Only

Broadband SIM Only from 3 offers inclusive web browsing with the option of a short-term deal.

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3 Mobile Broadband

What is Mobile Broadband?

3 Mobile Broadband is a fast and effective technology that allows you to access high-speed internet on the go from almost any location – you can use it on the way to work, at college, in the park, at the train station or even abroad. 3 Mobile Broadband coverage comes from the 3G or 4G networks, and can be accessed using a dongle, MiFi or SIM.

Traditionally used to refer to any USB device, the term dongle now tends to describe a portable modem that plugs into the USB port of your laptop. A USB dongle brings you mobile internet at broadband speeds, wherever there is mobile phone network coverage. Mobile dongles are also occasionally referred to as portable modems, mobile USB sticks or USB modems. Since dongles run off the battery power of your computer, they do not need to be charged.

Slim and lightweight, they are compatible with both laptops and PCs. As with mobile phones, the quality of your connection depends on the signal strength of your location.

Mobile Broadband has proven immensely popular with business customers, students and infrequent users alike because of the great flexibility it offers. With Mobile Broadband, you can access the internet from virtually anywhere – at home, at work, in the garden, in a coffee shop or on the train – without needing to hunt around for a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Dongles are small and discreet, meaning you can carry them in your handbag, laptop case or pocket and be ready to connect to the internet wherever you are. With cheap Mobile Broadband you may even decide to ditch your landline, since no additional fixed line is required to establish a connection.

3 Mobile Broadband deals

Mobile Broadband packages on 3 start from under £10 a month and can include a dongle or SIM card at a low one-off cost. Pay Monthly dongle and SIM Only packages for Mobile Broadband are available on various contract lengths from 3, or you can take 3 MiFi for your portable WiFi hotspot accessing the 3 network for 3G Mobile Broadband.

You can take a simple Mobile Broadband deal from 3 with a modest data allowance on a rolling contract, or go for something more comprehensive, which has a long-term agreement with plenty of monthly data.
If you decide to go with MiFi, then your deal will still have inclusive data on the 3G network, and it can connect multiple devices.

With Mobile Broadband dongles, MiFi and SIM Only on 3, you can choose between Pay As You Go or pay monthly for your deal, and you can view these offers at 3 Mobile Shop.

SIM Only Mobile Broadband

SIM Only Mobile Broadband is a flexible option for web surfing; you are provided with a SIM card that has no long-term contract attached, and a preset download allowance.

SIM Only is very cost-effective, with a cheap price offered for very generous internet usage. SIM Only Mobile Broadband is particularly suitable for those who like to avoid contracts, and those who may only need occasional web access and do not require a regular connection.

SIM Only Mobile Broadband with 3 is also an excellent choice for people who are trying out Mobile Broadband for the first time, and are simply looking to test or sample the service.

If you already have a 3 dongle or iPad, the SIM Only access is easy and fast; all you have to do is insert the SIM into the hardware, and start surfing.

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