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Welcome to the 3 Mobile Shop website, where you can quickly access the latest information on mobile phones and compare the various deals available from 3 Mobile. The aim of our website is to present you with all the relevant information in a simple format to help you find the best mobile phone and most suitable deal on the Three network for you.


We offer tools on our website to help you with your search. These will hopefully save you a great deal of time and effort by filtering the options and quickly presenting you with the best deals available from 3 Mobile.

Guides & Information

We have a selection of guides and information for you to read which will help you understand the price plans and benefits that Three have to offer. There are more general guides available for you to read and help you further covering subjects such as choosing a refurbished mobile phone, switching to Three network, or even checking the Three mobile coverage in your area. 

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Our website as well as having informative information and tools also allows our users to exit the site via advertising links. We earn commissions on any sales made via our website links and these commission payments help us increase the functionality of the website and keep all of the information up to date.

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